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Thank you all so much for your kind messages for Easter. I was excited about each single one!!! I hope you all had a great time and wonderful holidays. I will try to write back to all of you as soon as possible.
I saw a lot of really great pages on DeviantArt today. It's impressive how great artists you all are.
Happy Easter, can't wait to see your new artworks after the holidays! 
Easter Tuft
Happy Easter to all of you. Thank you so much for watching or checking out on Tuftberg.
Thank you all so much for the kind feedback you have given me. I will reply as soon as possible.
I really appreciate all of you. :-)
The Runaway Melon
Tuftine is very shocked. She loves eating water melons.

However, one of the melons didn't want to be eaten, so it escaped.

Tuftberg also was speechless.

Just a luck Eini caught one of them. ;-)
Recently I mistakenly watched a distgusting page and even gave a llama to him. I showed some compassion to someone who had suicidal thoughts, but I didn't look at his page fully.

I was shocked to realise that this person had racist thoughts and opinions I do NOT share at all.

I think everybody is valuable and equal!
Hello my dear friends,
Our club TuftyFunFactory is longing for your artworks.
So please join and share your drawings, photos, paintings, illustrations, stories and whatever you like with us.
We would be very happy to meet you. :-)
Hello my sweet friends, :-)

Thank you for stopping by and reading this. :-) (Smile)
I'm writing this message for a person I really care about: my best friend Eini.
He's here on DeviantArt too and a bit sad as it's difficult for him to get in touch with kind people he can be friends with.
He would love to watch your art and to support you, so if you want to meet him I would be happy if you had a look at his page:

He would be very happy if you could write to him and leave a comment on his work as he puts a lot of heart into everything.

Everybody is warmly welcome. Hugs to all of you. :-)
Eini In The Package
If only it was that easy to travel from the USA to Germany.

Eini drew a great picture again, it's really cute.

Just that Tuftberg and I would not faint, but hug him and be very happy to see him.

Please check out more art done by Eini here:
Three Angry Radishes
Actually it's not Tuftine's fault that the poor radishes in the picture always have been planted in the wrong place.

However, they learnt how to defent themselves and their new home - especially against hungry Tuftines. ;-)
Tufty Sisters
Tuftine's sister actually wished for a little brother. However, it was a girl again.

Anyway, meanwhile she has gotten used to it. And Tuftine has always been very proud of her cool older sister. This way she could drink coke, listen to rock and pop music and be collected from school by a colourful green-yellow-blue car. ;-)
Tuftine's Shocked Dad
What's that? Tuftberg is on the internet now?

Tuftine's dad is more than shocked.

He trusts trees in the forest, but not the BAD and EVIL internet...
Dr. Nose
Our dear Eini made another great Tuftberg drawing. Thanks to him the little yellow figure with the curly black hair now has a nose and can smell everything.

That's the link to Eini's page:
That's Real Love
Today Eini was disappointed as I did not submit a new Tuftberg picture, so here is one.

For the first time it shows Tuftberg together with my (=Tuftine's) dad. He loves forests and spends a lot of time there.

Some of the poor trees were slanted because of a storm. He fixed them again with a rope.

And in order to protect them he even gave away one of his beloved... shorts.
A lot of men are interested in them, but women are very special. Sometimes they can be bitchy, sometimes they have their own head.

Sometimes you catch them wearing your shorts (because they are so comfortable).

And sometimes they act like wild mice screaming and asking for more CHEESE!

* Who drew this genius picture? Eini of course. Here you can find more of his drawings:


No journal entries yet.


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i really do appreciate it and hope you will enjoy my future worksParty
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Thank you so much for the favs, dear Tuftberg! Have a wonderful Sunday! Nod Hug Airborne Woohooooo! Hi! 
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Hi I finally figured out the llamas ( I'm still learning ) thankyou for the llama hope you are feeling alright  see you later
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Omg! UUUU!!! U watched me! Thank you so much, kind person. :icontearplz:
All because of you guys, I'm encouraged to do more art and it gives me the motivation to excel in each of my drawings! You are one special person. :iconowocuteplz:
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thank you for faving my work!cheers!:)
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